Ars-Imago DP B&W Direct Positive Paper 8x10/25 Sheets

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Ars-Imago DP Direct Positive Paper is a black and white paper that is orthochromatically sensitized. The emulsion is not poured onto an FB or RC base, but rather a polyester base. The world-famous Ilfochrome® paper also uses a Melinex base.

The Ars-Imago DP can be used both for shooting and enlarging. It can be used in large-format or pinhole cameras as sheet film. It is also suitable for photograms and experimental photography. The sensitivity is between 3 and 6 ISO. It is relatively high contrast, and corresponds with a gradation of 3 to 4; the contrast range is roughly equivalent to a slide film with around 4 to 5 apertures. It delivers prints with very deep, rich blacks and luminous whites, with excellent reproduction. The print tone is neutral. May be used with all large format cameras from 4x5" size to 8x10".


  • High quality silver gelatin paper
  • Direct positive paper - no negative needed
  • Black and white paper with an ILFOCHROME look
  • Higher contrast and superb tonal range
  • Brilliance and high acutance
  • ISO 3 - 6
  • High gloss Melinex (TM) base
  • Long term archival properties 
  • The emulsion side is pink (no notch)
  • Standard black and white chemistry
  • Ilford 906 or dark red safelight

The papers can be used like a sheet film in your film holder. This must be loaded in complete darkness or with Ilford 906 Safelight. Your only concern is that the image will be reproduced as a mirror image. The sensitivity of 3 to 6 ISO is greatly dependent on the exposure situation and the lighting conditions. Be aware that the difference can be up to 100%! Even a deviation of 30% (1/3 of an aperture) can make an image unusable. The higher the blue component of the light, the higher the sensitivity. On the other hand, the higher the red component of the light, the lower the sensitivity. For photographic applications with various cameras(large format, pinhole or other camera systems), there are two different options for exposure - with or without pre-flash. A pre-requisite for a good result is always precise exposure metering. Images without pre-flash are very dependent on the exposure conditions, and can lead to a somewhat graphic effect and high contrast images with reduced gray tones.

*Do not open and use under light or under red standard safelight*

*Load, unload, and develop only in total darkness or under Ilford 906 safelight*


Double Sided No
Grade Variable Contrast (Multigrade)
Paper Base Tone Neutraltone
Paper Size 8x10
Paper Surface High Gloss
Paper Type Polyester
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