Arista EDU Ultra 400 ISO 120 size

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The Arista.EDU Ultra Line of Film and Paper is the educator’s choice for their students.

All Arista.EDU Ultra Films are high quality, economical, all-purpose emulsions featuring fine-grain, full tonal range, excellent resolution, and wide exposure latitude.

Arista.EDU Ultra 400 is the most sensitive among the EDU Ultra films, making it ideal for low-light situations and fast-moving subjects. It's can handle a wide range of shooting conditions, from daylight to candlelight. It has nice, noticeable grain and wide tonal range.

Key Features

  • Traditional Black & White Film
  • 120 size
  • ISO 400
  • Process in standard B&W chemicals
  • Arista EDU Ultra films are available in 35mm, 120 Roll and various sheet film sizes
  • Reliable supply, economically priced


UPC: 614572904200
Film Size 120
Speed (ISO) 400 ISO
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