Arista EDU Ultra 400 ISO 35mm x 24 exp.

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PLEASE NOTE : Due to current supply chain issues, this film is UNBOXED and in PLASTIC, NON-DX CODED cartridges. Manually select your ISO on your camera, or use an ARISTA DX CODE LABEL. Please see PROCESSING TIPS below for important info about opening these cassettes.

The Arista.EDU Ultra Line of Film and Paper is the educator’s choice for their students.

All Arista.EDU Ultra Films are high quality, economical, all-purpose emulsions featuring fine-grain, full tonal range, excellent resolution, and wide exposure latitude.

Arista.EDU Ultra 400 is the most sensitive among the EDU Ultra films, making it ideal for low-light situations and fast-moving subjects. It's can handle a wide range of shooting conditions, from daylight to candlelight. It has nice, noticeable grain and wide tonal range.

Key Features

  • Traditional Black & White Film
  • 35mm film
  • ISO 400
  • Process in standard B&W chemicals
  • Arista EDU Ultra films are available in 35mm, 120 Roll and various sheet film sizes
  • Reliable supply, economically priced
  • Non-DX Coded Cartridges, manually set the ISO on your camera 


The plastic cassettes for this film are reusable! Use a Flic Pic to open the cassettes in the dark for processing and save the cassette and spool for future bulk loading! Educators, please inquire about receiving a FREE Flic Pic.

Otherwise, Film Leader Retrievers can be used normally.

Flic Pic Tutorial

Church Key style can openers can be used as well, but cassettes might not be re-usable.

Can Opener tutorial:

UPC: 614572902442
Film Size 35mm
Roll Length 24 Exposure
Speed (ISO) 400 ISO
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