Jobo 1500S Starter Kit Medium

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Mfg: Jobo
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The JOBO LAB Kit M allows you to develop 35mm film and 120 rollfilm inside the JOBO Tank 1520. Two reels 1501 can be fitted inside the 1520 Tank. This means that two 35mm films can be developed at the same time. When adjusted to 6cm width, the 1501 reel can hold two 120 films. The red clip prevents the films from overlapping. The cascade film washer allows for economical and efficient watering. Your black and white film reaches archival standard within just 5 minutes of watering.


  • FILM CAPACITY: 2 x 135-36 // 2 x 120
  • 1 JOBO Tank 1520, including 2 reels 1501
  • 2 Scaled JOBO bottles - 600ml
  • 1 JOBO Graduate - 260ml
  • 1 JOBO Graduate -20ml
  • 2 Sets of JOBO Film Clips
  • 1 JOBO Color Thermometer
  • 1 JOBO Cascade


EAN: 4022124017142
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