Solarol Paper Developer (Makes 64 oz.)

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The Solarizing print developer with Solarol provides a unique dimension of image control through the use of the Sabattier effect, commonly called "solarization." The effect is produced by re-exposing the print to white light while it is in the developer.

With other developers, this procedure gives a dark, muddy picture, but with Solarol, contrast is maintained, sharp edge effects appear, and a beautiful, surreal image is obtained. The print can be delicate and ethereal or strong and dramatic. The results are predictable and repeatable, and you control the process just as in conventional printing. After a little practice, you will be ready to explore the almost infinite variety of effects available in this dimension of black-and-white photography. The tray life of Solarol equals that of the best of print developers, and it keeps for over two months in a well-stopped bottle. With extended use, its developing action becomes slower, but its solarizing ability actually improves. It should be discarded when it is too exhausted to produce a good black with two minutes of development.

Makes 2 quarts.

Metol Only Developer


UPC: 096727533693
Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Liquid/Powder Powder
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