Plastic Cameras Second Edition by Michelle Bates

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Take a tour of the burgeoning world of plastic cameras and low-tech photography in this fun and funky guide to creating the most artistic pictures of your life! You'll learn how to prep your plastic camera, their advantages and quirks, and what film to feed your camera. You'll also explore what makes a good subject, vignetting, multiple exposures, pano-ramas, close-ups, night photography, color, flash, problems and solutions, and so much more. Michelle Bates also takes you from a negative to either prints or pixels so that you can show off your photos and jump on the toy-camera revolution!

Sales of plastic cameras, according to Tokina (manufacturer of the Holga), have grown immensely in the last two years, particularly in the 20s/30s age group. There is a movement to revive film, and plastic cameras offer a unique artsy outlet. In every Urban Outfitters, there is a huge display in the window featuring Holgas and Dianas, along with appropriate film that goes in the camera. Flickr has exploded with plastic camera groups.

Softcover, 288 pages
ISBN: 9780240814216


EAN: 9780240814216
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