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Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film TPS100 13 in. x 19 in. 20 Sheets 5.7 mil

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Pictorico's OHP Transparency Film delivers crisp, easy-to-read text, brilliant, non-smear colors and water-resistant images that enhance your visual display. Pictorico's OHP Transparency Film is excellent for making digital negatives to combine current technologies with classic printing methods.

TPS100 is the replacement for Pictorico's TPU100, which was originally recommended by Dan Burkholder for creating digital negatives.


  • Recommended for film positives and negatives for screen printing, contact prints, and other alternative printing processes
  • Holds 25% more ink than prior OHP version
  • Excellent compatibility with Pigment Inks
  • Thickness: 145 μm (micrometers)
  • More milky than prior OHP version


  • Pictorico's OHP Transparency Film is not completely transparent. Premium and Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film (TPU100 and TPS100 ) may appear to have a slightly milkier appearance than older versions such as TPK.  This does not affect print quality.
  • Some models of Hewlett Packard printer do not have a sensor to recognize the transparent film like this product. Please consult with your printer manual or printer manufacturer's tech support before purchase.


UPC: 642891350125
Paper Size 13x19
Paper Type Polyester
Thickness 5-10 mil
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