Arista Rapid E-6 Slide Developing Kit - 1 Pint

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Mfg: Arista

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you need to have the right processing solutions in your darkroom. Arista chemicals make it easy to process your film in your home or studio.

The Arista Rapid E-6 Developing Kit comes with all the chemicals needed to process color slide (positive) film with the E-6 process. 

This kit uses First Developer, Color Developer, and a combined Beach/Fix (Blix) that does not require a stabilizer.

Chemicals included can process 4 rolls* of 35mm (36exp) or 120 size film.


  • First Developer
  • Color Developer (Parts A & B)
  • Blix (Parts A, B & C)


*More film size capacities, notes on increasing the number of rolls processed, and push/pull information listed in the instructions.

UPC: 614572011816
Chemical Type Color Slide Film E-6
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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