Hahnemühle Protective Spray - 400 ml

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Hahnemühle Protective Spray protects digital Fine Art prints, art, and photos from external influences. The aerosol spray lays like a fine film on the paper without changing the paper structure. It fixes both pigment and dye ink, retains brilliant colors on the paper and contains a UV protectant which helps prevent color fading.
The coating increases the abrasion resistance of Fine Art papers, so the risk of fingerprint marks and scratches are reduced. Protective Spray makes the sealing of the surface water repellent. The improved formulation is fast drying and virtually odorless. 

  •  Non yellowing
  •  Easy to apply
  •  Virtually odorless
  •  UV Resistant
  •  Fast-drying
  •  Protects and seals the print
  •  Surface appearance is unaffected
  • Protects up to 60 8.5"x11" prints (3 coats)
  • 13.50 oz.


EAN: 4011367101039
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