Tetenal RA-4 Color Developer Replenisher CD-R SP 160 - 4 X 10L

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Mfg: Tetenal

Tetenal Color Developer RA-4 monoline Color Developers are the perfect product for minilabs: pour water, add monoline concentrate, stir shortly, ready! Depending on the machine size and workload, different products with replenishment rates from 160 ml/m² at low workload until 45 ml/m² at very high workload can be selected. Tetenal monoline SP45 is a ready-to-use solution and therefore offers particularly comfortable and practical handling. For labs with high flow rate, SP80 for 100 l is the ideal product. monoline Color Developers can be combined with all Bleach Fix and Super Stabilizer products.

Color Developer Replenisher CD-R SP 160


  • Minilab Color Paper Developer
  • Standard Rate 160 ml / m², 35 °C
  • High Rate 45 ml/m², 35 °C
  • Pack of 4 x 10 liters
EAN: 4000577045127
Chemical Type Color Paper RA-4
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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