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Premier Aqua/Vac 10 Roll (35mm & 120) Film Washer

Currently Unavailable
Mfg: Premier

CLOSEOUT: Limited to stock on hand.

The Premier Vacuum Action Roll Film Washer "Aqua/Vac" will gently wash your negatives to archival standards. It differs greatly from conventional overflow washers which bring in water from the bottom and the contaminated water eventually overflows at the top.

The Aqua/Vac also fills from the bottom, but quickly and automatically empties from the bottom by vacuum syphon-action, which discharges all contaminated water 2-3 times per minute.

The Aqua/Vac protects your film from abrasions caused by high turbulence and unwinding of the reels which is typical in conventional washers.


  • Attach's quickly and easily to most faucets.
  • for Ten 35mm Films
  • Archival Washing
  • Rapid Water Change System
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