Tetenal C-41 Color Negative Processsing Kit - 1 Liter

Currently Unavailable
Mfg: Tetenal

The Tetenal brand is legendary in the photographic industry. Known for the highest quality manufacturing standards and exceptional image quality; there is no comparison.

The Tetenal Colortec range offers you a high level of performance, quality, safety, convenience, environmental friendliness and service. Colortec is the best available technology for color chemicals.

The Tetenal C-41 Negative Processing Kit consisting of colour developer, bleach fix plus stabilizer for C-41 compatible processing of all colour negative films using rotary process. Easy mixing due to adjusted liquid concentrate parts and short processing times.


  • Liquid
  • Capacity: 1L kit 12 films 135-36 exp.


EAN: 4000577022210
UPC: 695526022263
Chemical Type Color Film C-41
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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