Purosol Screen Cleaner - 2oz

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Mfg: Purosol

Purosol Screen Cleaner is a space-pioneered all-natural, streak-free cleaning solution that safely removes dust, dirt, and grime from electronic displays using safe plant extracts.

Purosol’s unique nanotechnology cleaning formula now incorporates nitrogen blanketing which takes the worry out of safely cleaning your screen. Developed for and used by NASA, Purosol’s Screen Cleaner is safe for all forms of electronic displays including LED, OLED, LCP, DLP and Plasma used on TV’s, computer screens, laptops, iPhones, iPads, and touch-screens.

All-natural plant extracts removes the most common sources of dirt and grime and reverses the charge which attracts airborne particles to screens leaving the surface crystal clear and free of smudges.

Safe for use on all types of flat screen surfaces, including:
LCD Displays, Televisions Personal Electronics, Plasma Displays, Computers, Cell Phones, DLP Displays Laptops, MP3 Players.


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