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Formulary Kallitype Powder Kit

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Formulary's Kallitype Printing is similar to the Platinum / Palladium process in theory and technique. However, Kallitype printing uses a less expensive silver salt. Although the outstanding permanence of Platinum and Palladium is not duplicated, good Kallitype prints have a Platinum-like quality.

Print color can be controlled by development. The prints may be toned with printing-out-paper toners, or Gold Protective (GP-1) toner. With proper fixing and clearing, Kallitype prints have good permanence. About 30 - 4x5 inch prints can be made using this kit.


  • Coats 30 - 4x5 inch prints
  • Sensitizer must ripen 2-3 days before use


UPC: 675152700704
Liquid/Powder Powder
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