Lineco Corrosion Intercept CD/DVD Storage Sleeves 5.75 x 5.25 in. - 25 pack

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Mfg: Lineco

The life expectancy of CDs & DVDs ranges from 2 to 20 years depending upon usage and storage. Archivalware® Storage Systems, with Corrosion Intercept® Technology, increases the lifespan of your discs 40 years or more. Corrosion Intercept® Technology protects against ozone and reactive oxygen which can cause the metal layer of CDs/DVDs to break down and oxidize, making them unreadable. It also protects against bacterial growth. The unique design of Archivalware® CD/DVD preservers provides full visibility of the label side of the disc while protecting the data side. The clear UV protected film will not lift the images from the face of laser or inkjet produced labels.

Corrosion Intercept® material was developer by Bell Labs for NASA and is a reactive copper matrix which stops acidic gases from passing through, neutralizes contaminants, blocks ozone and retards bacteria production.


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