Large Mouth Spigot Dispenser for Marathon, EcoPro, and Clayton 5 Gallon Hedpaks

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PLEASE NOTE: This Spigot is only useable on bottles with caps that have threads in the center. The center is drilled or cut out and this spigot is screwed in and the assembly is screwed back on the bottle. If your cap is flat and does not have threading for a spigot, please buy item 2842475 which incldues the cap and the spigot.

This convenient spigot dispenser is for dispensing liquid chemicals from Marathon, Legacyro EcoPro, and Clayton 5 gallon headpaks.

It's design allows the user to decide how strong of a flow is utilized. When the spigot valve is perpendicular to the carton, it is closed. When the spigot valve is pointing left and is parallel to the carton, it is open in full.



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