Formulary 23 Film Developer

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Formulary 23 Film Developer is a metol based, semi-compensating film developer similar to Kodak D-23. The developer produces negatives with low to medium contrast. Developer 23 is the favorite of Zone System users.

Four rolls of film can be processed in 1 liter of Formulary 23 without replenishment. With replenishment (Formulary DK-25R, 01-0057) a total of 20 to 25 rolls of film per liter can be developed.The chemicals in this kit are used to make a working solution with a shelf life of 6 months.


  • Makes 4 liters working solution
  • Similar to Kodak D-23
  • Favorite of Zone System users


UPC: 675152100511
Chemical Type BW Film Developer
Liquid/Powder Powder
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