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Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce OM-C for Canon 380EX and Nikon SB-26

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Offering photographers a chance to get the best possible light from their flash with out having to carry cumbersome equipment, the Sto-Fen line is custom designed to fit most of the popular flash units on the market today. Plus, Velcro is never required for attaching the units to your flash!

The Omni-Bounce creates a "diffused bare bulb effect," giving even coverage across the entire frame with lenses from 15mm to 200mm in the 35mm format (and equal in other formats as well). The Omni-Bounce is easy to use and goes on and off your flash in seconds with custom fitting. Designed for years of service without the bulk of some other diffusers, it is small enough to fit easily into your gadget bag or pocket.

Compatible with:

  • Achiever 260AF
  • Achiever 260AF
  • Achiever 260T
  • Achiever 828
  • Achiever 828TW
  • Achiever TZ250
  • Bower SFD35C/N
  • Canon 380EX
  • Contax TLA280
  • Contax TLA360
  • Digi-Slave Dlx 2000
  • Focal M500T
  • LumoPro LP120
  • Metz 40 MZ2
  • Metz 54 MZ3
  • Metz 54 MZ4
  • Minolta 5200i
  • Minolta 5400HS
  • Minolta 5400xi
  • Neweer TT520
  • Nikon SB-24
  • Nikon SB-25
  • Nikon SB-26
  • Nissin 360TW
  • Nissin 360TXP
  • Nissin Di622
  • Nissin PZ400-C-N-M
  • Olympus FL40
  • Olympus FL50
  • Olympus G40
  • Panasonic DMW FL 500E
  • Pentax 540FGZII
  • Pentax AF500FTZ
  • Phoenix APZL-106AF
  • Polaroid PL126PZ
  • Precision Design DSLR300
  • Sigma 500 Series
  • Sigma 530 Series
  • Sony HVL-F32X
  • Sunpak 2000DZ
  • Sunpak 266D
  • Sunpak MZ440AF
  • Vivitar 2500
  • Vivitar 273
  • Vivitar 3500
  • Vivitar 850AF
  • Vivitar DF200
  • Vivitar DF383

The image provided is for illustrative purposes only and the unit you receive may differ in shape from the one in the image displayed.


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